23 Feb

A septic tank is known to be a water tank which holds between 4000 and 7000 liters of water which is waste. They are always buried underground and also connected to a pipe which is an inlet one so that sewage can flow in properly as a septic drain filters the wastewater and allows it to flow out well. However, a modern septic tank always has two chambers which are separated from each other by a wall divided between them. It also has openings between the top and the bottom of the tank. In a septic tank, the wastewater always goes into the chamber which is the first of the effluent tank, then the solid settles down on the bottom as the scum flows on top of the tank. The solids that are under the tank decompose at times and ends up floating on the water as well. For the liquid, it always moves from the first chamber via an opening which is always on the dividing wall hence leaving the scum and the solid in the other chamber. When it comes to the second chamber, more settlement is known to occur here. The liquid becomes almost clear as the settlement process occurs and even drains it from the tank to a drain field. See homepage here!

The septic drain fields are always made up of trenches which contain pipes that are perforated. After that, it is then covered by a layer of soil which helps in preventing animals from having contact with the wastewater. The wastewater then is dispersed through the pipes which are perforated and later on passed through the gravel which helps in removing all the impurities and contaminants as well. Since the water is now purified, it is then introduced back to the environment through evaporation and the roots of the plants as well. Since some of the contents of the tank does not decompose, it is always important for the tank to be emptied occasionally. Learn more about septic tanks at

This helps a lot because if the tanks are not pumped, the septic tank can end up being filled with substances which are not decomposed hence filling the drainage field. This is always advisable since it can result in problems in the environment or even have expensive repairs being done. However, the tank at needs to be pumped clean depending on its size or even the number of people which are using it and the temperature as well. It is also advisable for one to have a professional inspecting on the tank very often so that the individuals can be aware of when pumping is needed.

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